Critical thinking not being critical

Critical thinking is an awesome skill and tool to have and to be developed. But, know the difference between this and being negative. Some portray negativity as critical thinking to justify their input and to even bully their agenda. Negativity will not produce lasting results that outlive you and/or presence, critical thinking will. You can appropriate critical thinking from a positive posture. David Cooperrider calls it Appreciative Inquiry.

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Embrace the tension

We want to see our vision come to past, but we don’t like the pressure and pain it may cause in the process. Tension is a part of the movement from where our business or nonprofit is it right now to where we envision it for the future. Resisting or avoiding the tension enables our lack of effort or underperformance. Embracing the tension increases our active engagement to do the work necessary to prevail in our vision quest.

Leadership requires teamwork not mework…

We are discovering that a lot of people who are leaders and aspire to be leaders miss one fundamental factor. This is that leadership is about people, not processes and things including money. And, the heart of leadership is this question, am I able to influence others to act or do?

The reality is even for iconic leaders their ability to succeed rests on a coordinated effort with others, a team. Because none of us are good at everything we need the efforts of others to produce meaningful results. But, this isn’t just about functional skills – marketing, accounting, HR, operations, etc. This is also about shared leadership where each team member contributes value from their own level and role of responsibility.

The path to teamwork starts with the board that hires a CEO who has a commitment and mindset to develop a team of leaders, not just of followers; or the founder, business owner, etc. This means teamwork must be a cultural expectation and norm from the boardroom and cast throughout the business or organization.

How can you ensure that you develop a culture of leadership?