Why should I hire a consultant in the first place?

Great question! It is not uncommon for companies and organizations to encounter challenges that require outside expertise. While a company could hire a a permanent employee to address the issue, oftentimes a short-term expert is sufficient without the cost of the additional headcount. Consultants can provide aid in understanding the issue, developing a plan and executing it to address the challenge. The challenge could be a problem that ails an executive or a opportunity that needs to capitalized.

Gidus Solutions is available as an external resource to help your company figure it out! We are relevant and efficient. You get the solutions needed with the best use of resources. Contact us to find out how we can help to guide our forward!

What is this Intellisense stuff?

Gidus Solutions defines Intellisense as the accumulated knowledge, experiences, and perceptions used to empower evolutionary evaluation of conditions, scenarios /or events to identify the primary problem(s), need(s) and/or opportunities and the actions and resources required to address, fix, or capitalize.

Generally, there is advocacy for reliance on evidence-based research to aid in the identification and resolution of business problems or business opportunities. However, this reliance may negate situations, conditions, and solutions which do not fit the research. What should a business leader do in these cases? Nothing? Obviously not! (Sadler-Smith; Shefey. 2004)

The definition of Intellisense was developed by Gidus Solutions to represent what leaders and thinkers actually use to help companies and non-profit organizations overcome hurdles and find growth opportunities. It capsulizes the full spectrum of tools used. Every business condition and scenario does not fit cookie-cutter, textbook, theoretical models, and sometimes require the use of all that a leader has and is to make critical business decisions to advance their company or organization.

(disclaimer – Gidus Solutions LLC is aware that the term Intellisense has been used by the tech/coding community for years with a drastically different meaning. Words have multiple definitions; this is not a new phenomenon).

The GIDUS Academy is coming!

Gidus Solutions is diligently working to develop the first of meaningful learning experiences that will help you and/or your organization to shift pendulums, not merely to identify them! Our creative learning experiences will improve how you think to allow you to produce relevant outcomes and goals for you and your organization at any level and in any situation!

And, if your organization lacks an effective learning and development department or staff, we can help by providing organization-specific training and development programs and materials that sync with your organization’s culture and expectations with a high return on investment!

Register with GIDUS Academy or complete the contact form for ore information! We look forward to you learning with GIDUS!

Welcome to the Gidus Report!

This is the Gidus Report! This is your location for creative, innovative insights, analysis, and information to help move your business and organization forward! We are not a cookie-cutter consulting firm so you should not expect cookie-cutter information, however, it will be meaningful and useful for your business’s success.

2018 Tax Time is upon us! We can help you!

Affordable Federal and State Tax Preparation is available!

Tax season is upon us! Gidus Tax, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gidus Solutions LLC can help you with your individual and business tax returns! From simple to complex, we can help you to prepare your federal and state tax returns to minimize your tax liability and maximize your tax refund. New tax laws are in affect and we can help you understand and navigate the complexities. Our prices are affordable.

We provide virtual/remote service providing secure server sharing and access of tax documents and tax returns. We are an IRS authorized e-file service and are able to electronically file tax returns directly to the IRS and state agencies.

Most states do not have a formal tax preparer registration process however, we are a California Registered Tax Preparer holding a state-required $5k bond. The California tax preparer certificate is provided to our customers at our initial consultation. And, we have over 15 years of tax experience working with individual, business and non-profit clients. Our pricing is upfront and affordable. Contact us to find out how we can help you this tax season!