Leadership requires teamwork not mework…

We are discovering that a lot of people who are leaders and aspire to be leaders miss one fundamental factor. This is that leadership is about people, not processes and things including money. And, the heart of leadership is this question, am I able to influence others to act or do?

The reality is even for iconic leaders their ability to succeed rests on a coordinated effort with others, a team. Because none of us are good at everything we need the efforts of others to produce meaningful results. But, this isn’t just about functional skills – marketing, accounting, HR, operations, etc. This is also about shared leadership where each team member contributes value from their own level and role of responsibility.

The path to teamwork starts with the board that hires a CEO who has a commitment and mindset to develop a team of leaders, not just of followers; or the founder, business owner, etc. This means teamwork must be a cultural expectation and norm from the boardroom and cast throughout the business or organization.

How can you ensure that you develop a culture of leadership?

Bounce back from a $35m L…

Luddy of Service Now is an example for how you can take a major professional and financial loss and bounce back to be on top! And considering the age at which he did it, makes his journey all that more compelling.

You owe it to yourself to rethink that idea or project you have on the shelf. You also owe it to yourself to put your stats (age, gender, etc) in perspective. There really are no limits with a fresh perspective and an executable plan.

Don’t fall victim to your ego

If you’re an experienced leader then you can relate to the feeling of having subordinates and followers provide unequivocal support. The feeling of importance, relevance and power you enjoyed. However, this feeling can be deceptive affecting our decision-making and relationships in negative ways that we can not always see initially, if at all.

This article from the Harvard Business Review examines the challenges leaders have when blinded by ego. The are suggestions for how to avoid the pitfalls.