Where the magic happens

You may say you don’t believe in magic, the ability of a “gifted” person to produce fetes not detectable by the human eye or understood by the human mind. However, we here offer an equation that suggests magic can be learned and performed by everyone. But instead of doing rabbit tricks or eye-bending fetes or great escapes, we are producing outcomes and achieving goals that satisfy both employer and employee.

The intention of organizations is to achieve goals that satisfy the expectations of the shareholders/owners. Some of these goals are to be profitable, to have great customer satisfaction, to be innovative, etc. The intention of workers is to have work-life balance, to make as much money as possible, to fulfill personal purpose, etc.

As relationships are built between organizations and workers it is important that both parties see the world through the eyes of each other. And, it is important that both parties work to achieve the goals of the other while also seeking to fulfill goals for self.

Even more, there must be identification of common goals and interests that ensures greater synergy between both parties. This intersection of common goals and increased synergies is where the “magic” happens! This is the place where organizations and employees enjoy high levels of satisfaction by jointly achieving expectations.

So, how can your create a culture of magic? How can your ensure that the both employer and employee realize their goals at the same time? Answers to these questions if executed will be extraordinary! Stay tuned to the Gidus Report as we provide some insight on how you can create magic.