GIDUS Premier Services

Business Advisory and Consulting

GIDUS helps business and nonprofit leaders solve critical problems that hinder growth, and find sustainable growth opportunities. We use the GIDUS practice model – I.D.E.A.S. to support this effort for efficient and effective outcomes. 

Leadership Development

Expand the capacity of individuals to perform in leadership and functional roles at all levels within organizations through tailored learning programs – online, in-person and blended.

Part-Time Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Planning, acquiring and managing an organization’s financial and non-financial resources is critical to long-term success and sustainability. This requires a highly skilled and experienced financial leader which is often hard to find. Gidus provides cost-effective financial leadership to help businesses and nonprofits navigate in the short- or long-term. Whether in between a CFO or in need of a higher quality financial management leadership we can help you!

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GIDUS Service Description


  • We provide strategic guidance using our I.D.E.A.S. practice model. Whether the problem or opportunity is related to strategy, leadership, finance or operations, we develop relevant, practical and executable solutions that are built to last.
  • We offer project management services to facilitate operational changes, project implementations and comparable efforts where managers do no have the bandwidth or know how to effectively plan, execute and assess.
  • We provide customized learning and development that will increase capacity and competency of management and staff so the business or nonprofit will perform at the highest level possible. We create training programs for onsite, online, or blended modalities.
  • We help companies and nonprofit organizations at various phases of the business life cycle that need or want external “eyes and ears” to provide objective perspective to guide the organization forward.

Extend GIDUS Services!

Extended Services Dedicated To Advance Your Business


  • We offer 2 levels of service – general and extended.
  • Our General service level is engagements that are typically transaction-based where our client has a need that is short-term or non-continuous. 
  • Our Extended service level is engagements that are generally complex or require ongoing services and effort. This service level allows Gidus to ensure solutions are not only started but sustained.
  • Learn more about our extended services dedicated to advance your business.



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