Relieve your organization of leadership frustration!

It’s time to address a very fixable problem by making sure your leaders get training sooner rather than later and Gidus Solutions can help! Check out this article on the problem Then, contact us so we can help to develop your leaders to meet your organizations expectations and demands. Don’t let your company’s financial growth outpace the leadership development ... Read More »

Gidus Solutions supports great causes!

Gidus Solutions is actively working with nonprofit organizations to help make the communities better. Some of the the organizations that it works with and supports are: Bike and Build Inc. ( A national organization that raises awareness to the need for affordable housing for all people and that provides grants to local affordable housing organizations. GModel Inc. A local organization ... Read More »

Why engage Gidus Solutions?

Business leaders and owners are always trying to figure out: 1) do I need a consultant? 2) who do I call? If you have an informational, process or functional gap in your business or organization then you may need a consultant. If your business results are lagging behind expectations for several quarters, then you may need a consultant. If you ... Read More »

All this talk about leadership and management

Quite a bit of discussion takes place about the differences between leadership and management. But, does it really matter? While are clear distinctions between these 2 functions, there are overlapping concepts, too. Here is the point, neither is mutually exclusive of the other and must is appropriated in concert in order to get the results your organization seeks.   Read More »

Congratulations to George!

George was honored today as the 2016 Vaughn Distinguished Faculty at the University of Philadelphia – Philadelphia graduation at the Liacouras Center. He has been a faculty member for the past 5 years teaching courses in the School of Business and School of Health Services Administration. He also serves as a campus faculty liaison for student assessment. He is very passionate ... Read More »

Jamar Jones Institute Opening Soon!

You don’t miss the chance to pre-register for an extraordinary music education opportunity! Go to learn more about the Jamar Jones Institute (or JJI) and how you can be one of the first to take lessons through this cutting edge music education service.   Read More »

Hello from Gidus Solutions LLC!

Welcome to Gidus Solutions LLC! A business and nonprofit solutions firm! We are here to provide tailored solutions that gide you forward! Check back for the latest news and information that will help your firm overcome the hurdles that keep you from achieving high level performance! Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes