Leadership requires teamwork not mework…

We are discovering that a lot of people who are leaders and aspire to be leaders miss one fundamental factor. This is that leadership is about people, not processes and things including money. And, the heart of leadership is this question, am I able to influence others to act or do?

The reality is even for iconic leaders their ability to succeed rests on a coordinated effort with others, a team. Because none of us are good at everything we need the efforts of others to produce meaningful results. But, this isn’t just about functional skills – marketing, accounting, HR, operations, etc. This is also about shared leadership where each team member contributes value from their own level and role of responsibility.

The path to teamwork starts with the board that hires a CEO who has a commitment and mindset to develop a team of leaders, not just of followers; or the founder, business owner, etc. This means teamwork must be a cultural expectation and norm from the boardroom and cast throughout the business or organization.

How can you ensure that you develop a culture of leadership?

All this talk about automation

The data is clear that automation will continue to negatively affect job availability for humans. This has caused a lot of angst and worry. One solution is to train/retrain for tech jobs. Some have and will do just that and are succeeding. However, that is not the only solution. This Harvard Business Review – https://hbr-org.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/hbr.org/amp/2019/09/are-you-developing-skills-that-wont-be-automated article shows how we can succeed in an automated society. Automation has its limits and there is a need for humans in a lot work that we need to be done. So, position yourself to be relevant whether a bartender or a physician with the skills that robots can never do.

Imperfect progress

These pics represent the realities of progress. In a perfect world, success is a straight shot. But, the realty is life is anything but that. A clear does of reality can help to keep challenges in perspective for the better. You may have heard is stated not to allow to get too high or too low. The benefit is your ability to cope with success and failure keeping the eye on goals and creating new ones as this are achieved. How can you find that sweet spot to manage the peaks and valleys as you move forward and up

Someone CARES for you!

Some great information on the CARES Act @forbes https://apple.news/A_COj-Bx8TPSWACiR3-IinQ. If you need financial support for your business the read this article and then contact your bank and/or business advisor for more information. Be as proactive as you can be to regain footing during these times of Covid-19. See chaos, turmoil and difficulty as a time of opportunity to grow and expand. It’s not easy, but doable.

Coronavirus, Covid-19 and our future…

As we and the world are grappling with this pandemic, it is critical that you protect yourself, your family and your assets.

First, let’s be sure for follow the instructions of health authorities internationally, nationally, state and local.

Second, let’s have a plan for managing our personal and professional activities and assets to ensure that we can function beyond this crisis.

We don’t know what the future holds, however we can prepare as best we can ti be in a better place as time goes along.

Be well and be safe!

Hyper-scalability – a new way to do business

New ways to win in business in 2020!

Source: https://www.regus.com/work-us/disruption-dead-long-live-hyper-scalable/

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