Think for success

How do you take time to think? Most people don’t in part because doing is valued more than thinking. The truth is the time you set aside to imagine, consider and plan increases the likelihood of success. By taking the time to think you are able crystallize in your mind the direction that you want to take and the steps necessary to get there. So, be intentional about your thinking time and see how far it will take to your next goal.

What’s your motivation?

One definition of the word motivation is the reason for doing something. ( This means each of us do (or not) because of a cause. This cause is with intrinsic (an internal driver) or extrinsic (an external driver) cause. Interestingly enough we are not all motivated by the same things or in the same way.

Understanding difference in motivating drivers helps us to understand ourselves bringing a great sense of self awareness to why we do what we do and what causes us to what we do. It also helps us to understand others and the simple fact that others do not act or react the way we do. Other’s propensity for internal or external stimuli may vary from us.

If you are a leader or manager this may help you to respond differently to your employees. Understanding difference in motivation may help you to make different decisions and take different actions toward employees instead of those rooted in your bias or tendency. The benefit is alignment of leader to employee that results in behaviors that maximize performance and success for individuals and the organization.

So, ask yourself – what’s your motivation? Then ask your staff and peers. Once you get the response and discover the differences, see how you can adapt to promote getter productivity and results so everyone has a sense of satisfaction.

Value for all!

The question business leader often encounter is, who should benefit from value creation? However consider what happens if everyone benefits? Business ecosystems should strive for win-win-win situations where everybody eats (I.e wins) By doing so, there is high satisfaction and motivation all around that ensures maximum inputs and outputs exhibited by enterprise growth. How can you ensure there is value for all?