45 Years and counting

Harvard Business Review publishes an article in 2018 that highlighted the average for start up businesses. While most would assume that age is in the 20s, research shows that age is in the 40s.

For some that may be a shock and for others a pleasant surprise, The writer provides several reasons for this. The bigger issue, however is not what the ideal age is to start a business venture. It is knowing that regardless of your age you have the capacity to achieve great things.

If we are frank, age is one of those things used as a basis to limit and hinder people from pursuing their dream. Whether young or old, age is a barrier individuals or others use to discourage from pursuit of a venture like a business. But, you need not be discouraged!

Whether you are 45 and counting or some younger age, you have what it takes to win the marketplace! Clearly, hard work, good plan, great execution, etc are all ingredients for success. However, overcoming self-doubt about un-relevant issues like age are equally important. Don’t cater to the un-relevant and pursue what matters most!

Source Harvard Business Review

The Intellisense Form – complex problems can be solved with simple questions

Solutions to problems often start with simple questions that provoke thought about the primary causes. This is not intended to suggest that problems are always simple. However, like a surgeon using a scalpel to make that first incision on a patient, simple questions open the door for more probing and invasive efforts to evaluate and treat a condition.

If you are a business or nonprofit leader and you have prevailing issues that cannot be determined as symptoms or root causes, or if you have growth expectations that require viable opportunity ideas, then consider using the Gidus Intellisense Form. It is simple and easy to use, your information is confidential and not shared with any external parties. And, the benefit is you begin a process for moving forward!

We are Gidus Solutions and we are always guiding you forward!

Disrupting the disrupters

An interesting article from Forbes.com on how Netflix which has become a media kingpin could be in trouble – one because of its huge debt load and two because of its potential content development challenges. The biggest takeaway is disrupters can be disrupted by cash cows like Disney who place a lot of time in strategy. And let’s face it Disney has been around for a long time because of great strategy.

Source – https://www.forbes.com/sites/stephenmcbride1/2019/05/21/netflix-has-175-days-left-to-pull-off-a-miracle-or-its-all-over/