45 Years and counting

Harvard Business Review publishes an article in 2018 that highlighted the average for start up businesses. While most would assume that age is in the 20s, research shows that age is in the 40s.

For some that may be a shock and for others a pleasant surprise, The writer provides several reasons for this. The bigger issue, however is not what the ideal age is to start a business venture. It is knowing that regardless of your age you have the capacity to achieve great things.

If we are frank, age is one of those things used as a basis to limit and hinder people from pursuing their dream. Whether young or old, age is a barrier individuals or others use to discourage from pursuit of a venture like a business. But, you need not be discouraged!

Whether you are 45 and counting or some younger age, you have what it takes to win the marketplace! Clearly, hard work, good plan, great execution, etc are all ingredients for success. However, overcoming self-doubt about un-relevant issues like age are equally important. Don’t cater to the un-relevant and pursue what matters most!

Source Harvard Business Review

Imperfect progress

These pics represent the realities of progress. In a perfect world, success is a straight shot. But, the realty is life is anything but that. A clear does of reality can help to keep challenges in perspective for the better. You may have heard is stated not to allow to get too high or too low. The benefit is your ability to cope with success and failure keeping the eye on goals and creating new ones as this are achieved. How can you find that sweet spot to manage the peaks and valleys as you move forward and up

Someone CARES for you!

Some great information on the CARES Act @forbes https://apple.news/A_COj-Bx8TPSWACiR3-IinQ. If you need financial support for your business the read this article and then contact your bank and/or business advisor for more information. Be as proactive as you can be to regain footing during these times of Covid-19. See chaos, turmoil and difficulty as a time of opportunity to grow and expand. It’s not easy, but doable.

Coronavirus, Covid-19 and our future…

As we and the world are grappling with this pandemic, it is critical that you protect yourself, your family and your assets.

First, let’s be sure for follow the instructions of health authorities internationally, nationally, state and local.

Second, let’s have a plan for managing our personal and professional activities and assets to ensure that we can function beyond this crisis.

We don’t know what the future holds, however we can prepare as best we can ti be in a better place as time goes along.

Be well and be safe!

Hyper-scalability – a new way to do business

New ways to win in business in 2020!

Source: https://www.regus.com/work-us/disruption-dead-long-live-hyper-scalable/

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