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Check out Science to the Max! Check out this innovative and cutting-edge youth educational program focused on S.T.E.A.M.! It is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization, so consider supporting with your tax-deductible contribution! Read More »

Rethink training and development for your organization or team

Understanding the difference in educational terms – metagogy, andragogy and pedagogy can directly affect how well your employees develop the skills needed to do their jobs and the performance of your organization. Don’t let these big words scare you! We can show you how we can apply them to your organization’s learning and development to improve company performance and outcomes! Gidus ... Read More »

Management defined…

There are countless meanings to this very important term. The definition that Gidus likes to use is “the effective and efficient use of limited resources to achieve organizational goals.” Managers are challenged with not only getting results, but doing it using the optimal amount of resources which are limited. Success and failure depend on it! However, most managers are not ... Read More »

The beauty of discovery!

The beauty of discovery is there are no limits to what can be found by those who engage in the process. The spark of genuity, the innovative solutions, etc all come from a deliberate endeavor to venture into the unchartered waters of discovery. So, ask the silly question, observe seemingly trivial things, experiment with ‘fire’. There is nothing to lose ... Read More »

Technology will not replace people!

No matter how advanced we become technologically, businesses will always be owned, managed, and led by people. This is important to note because the presence of people in our businesses and organizations means we will need to know how to relate and to work with others so that we can produce the outcomes and achieve the goals that we are ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes