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Be leary of cookie cutter solutions!

  Cookie cutters make good use during the holiday when baking for favorite cookies! But, isn’t good when your company or nonprofit needs an answer to a critical business problem or opportunity. Gidus Solutions avoids cookie cutters which are commonplace in consulting practice. You want solutions that are best for your organization and are worth the money being invested. Contact us ... Read More » article on Leadership Development

Check out this interesting article on leadership development – Undoubtedly, you or your company shouldn’t let another day go past having ill-equipped and unprepared leadership. There are countless reasons to get this right! And, Gidus Solutions can help you! Onsite, online or hybrid learning solutions to increase leadership capacity and competency for maximum performance and outcomes.#nocookiecutter   Read More »

Everyday Innovators!

It is typical for us to think of innovation from a scientific, technical and even grandiose perspective. This typically results in most of us spectating as a few (people and businesses) develop the concepts and ideas that we eventually use to make our lives better. However, a “second look” at innovation reveals that innovation is much more practical and inclusive than ... Read More »

October 15th, Federal Tax Extension Deadline!

Don’t leave yourself in a bind. If you have filed a federal tax extension but have not the tax return, the deadline is only 1 week away! The risk may be high if you do not file the return. Gidus Solutions is able to help you! Call, email, even DM us, but contact us today! Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes