IMPACT is coming your way!

Impact Youth Sports Management, one of our partners has just launched their website! Check them out! Impact Youth Sports Management is based in West Berlin, NJ and is a multifaceted company specializing in sport specific training, academic tutoring and SAT preparation, and collegiate pairings so that their student-athletes make an impact on and off the court/field! Their website is

Be a risk taker

You don’t know what you’re capable until you make the effort. There are people who see this picture and think “that guy is crazy!” Or, “that snake will attack him!” And to be frank these thoughts and others may be true! However, what is the difference between this guy and the people with negative thoughts and opinions? He chose to take the risk! He chose to see what positive outcomes he could produce. He appears to have fared well!

How many times have you missed an opportunity thinking of the negative (i.e. what might go wrong instead of what might go right), and failing to act? There is always some degree of risk that a decision will result in failure. But, if you can find the courage to try with good planning and preparation you will find that things will more likely go your way. And, you will enjoy the success realized by that effort.

So, you may never sit next to a snake like this guy. But, you do have situations that appear to be high risk and worthy of fear and no action. If you can overcome the fear, plan, prepare and act then you will be a winner knowing the joy of being a risk taker!

Why should I hire a consultant in the first place?

Great question! It is not uncommon for companies and organizations to encounter challenges that require outside expertise. While a company could hire a a permanent employee to address the issue, oftentimes a short-term expert is sufficient without the cost of the additional headcount. Consultants can provide aid in understanding the issue, developing a plan and executing it to address the challenge. The challenge could be a problem that ails an executive or a opportunity that needs to capitalized.

Gidus Solutions is available as an external resource to help your company figure it out! We are relevant and efficient. You get the solutions needed with the best use of resources. Contact us to find out how we can help to guide our forward!