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  • Gidus Solutions LLC is based in New Jersey, U.S.A. The CEO/Managing Director is George I. Jones, Jr. For the past 25 years he has held positions in operations, finance and accounting leadership and staff roles in Public Utilities, Hospitality, Technology, Healthcare, and Education; he has consulted with local, regional and national businesses and nonprofits; and, he has been an adjunct professor for the past 10 years teaching business, management and leadership courses. He holds an MBA in General Management and a Master of Accounting and Finance. His gift is for demystifying business and management theory and formulating practical, executable and impactful solutions that meet or exceed client expectation.
  • GIDUS works with companies and non-profit organizations at various phases of growth. We have served clients in healthcare, construction, education, entertainment, and nonprofits. We address the strategic, operational and financial issues that hinder performance and find opportunities for growth. We provide engagements that are one time or continuous based on client need and expectations. We can work onsite and remote.
  • GIDUS is not a cookie-cutter consulting practice. We use evidence-based research and evidence-based management methodologies to formulate viable solutions. We recognize that each client has their own unique identity, needs and expectations. We use the GIDUS I.D.E.A S. model to develop the solutions that are relevant and sustainable. 

A Technology Forward Organization


  • Technology is an exciting space that includes trends from artificial intelligence and machine learning, and GIDUS Solutions is investing in these areas to provide the best solutions and support to our clients. Establishing technology is imperative and holds the promise of elevating our client experience and transforming organizations as technology enhances. Technology moves at the speed of sound, so it’s important to keep pace with new innovations as they emerge, stay on top of how other organizations are using them, and find applications that best fit our client’s values and needs.  
  • We take this approach to propel our organization forward by proving that our client needs and experiences come first. Some evidence of this is:
    1.  The GIDUS Intellisense Evaluation Form. This tool is designed to evaluate your business issues or needs logically based on your input and provide an output that guides the next steps;
    2.  We offer tech services and support via our partner Yoube Technology to help clients stay ahead of the curve and accelerate growth;
    3.  And, we also have the GIDUS Academy! It is an online and offline learning and training organization that addresses relevant business and non-profit issues in creative and relevant ways from contributors who will add value to your organization’s success and growth.

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