Leadership requires teamwork not mework…

We are discovering that a lot of people who are leaders and aspire to be leaders miss one fundamental factor. This is that leadership is about people, not processes and things including money. And, the heart of leadership is this question, am I able to influence others to act or do?

The reality is even for iconic leaders their ability to succeed rests on a coordinated effort with others, a team. Because none of us are good at everything we need the efforts of others to produce meaningful results. But, this isn’t just about functional skills – marketing, accounting, HR, operations, etc. This is also about shared leadership where each team member contributes value from their own level and role of responsibility.

The path to teamwork starts with the board that hires a CEO who has a commitment and mindset to develop a team of leaders, not just of followers; or the founder, business owner, etc. This means teamwork must be a cultural expectation and norm from the boardroom and cast throughout the business or organization.

How can you ensure that you develop a culture of leadership?

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Global Mindset

This caught our attention. As the writer of this article leads, we often limit the choice of our company name to markets familiar to us. However, we should make branding decisions based on where we want to go and who we want to reach, not merely where we are right now..


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Sit down, be humble (Kendrick Lamar)

How Humble Leadership Really Works
— Read on hbr-org.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/hbr.org/amp/2018/04/how-humble-leadership-really-works

It it critical that organizations and leaders take a better approach in light of increased competition for talent. Whatever your leadership style, if it doesn’t energize and galvanize the team, what’s the point?

This article highlights the importance of servant-leadership and how it affects the psyche and behaviors of workers to produce and produce at a high level. Which would rather have, a staff that is self motivated or staff that must be pressured to produced?

Taking the humble leadership approach to engaging the team will yield the self motivating kind of action that you envision.

45 Years and counting

Harvard Business Review publishes an article in 2018 that highlighted the average for start up businesses. While most would assume that age is in the 20s, research shows that age is in the 40s.

For some that may be a shock and for others a pleasant surprise, The writer provides several reasons for this. The bigger issue, however is not what the ideal age is to start a business venture. It is knowing that regardless of your age you have the capacity to achieve great things.

If we are frank, age is one of those things used as a basis to limit and hinder people from pursuing their dream. Whether young or old, age is a barrier individuals or others use to discourage from pursuit of a venture like a business. But, you need not be discouraged!

Whether you are 45 and counting or some younger age, you have what it takes to win the marketplace! Clearly, hard work, good plan, great execution, etc are all ingredients for success. However, overcoming self-doubt about un-relevant issues like age are equally important. Don’t cater to the un-relevant and pursue what matters most!

Source Harvard Business Review

All this talk about automation

The data is clear that automation will continue to negatively affect job availability for humans. This has caused a lot of angst and worry. One solution is to train/retrain for tech jobs. Some have and will do just that and are succeeding. However, that is not the only solution. This Harvard Business Review – https://hbr-org.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/hbr.org/amp/2019/09/are-you-developing-skills-that-wont-be-automated article shows how we can succeed in an automated society. Automation has its limits and there is a need for humans in a lot work that we need to be done. So, position yourself to be relevant whether a bartender or a physician with the skills that robots can never do.