Everyday Innovators!

It is typical for us to think of innovation from a scientific, technical and even grandiose perspective. This typically results in most of us spectating as a few (people and businesses) develop the concepts and ideas that we eventually use to make our lives better. However, a “second look” at innovation reveals that innovation is much more practical and inclusive than we realize. That each of us has the capacity to discover concepts. methods, ideas that can make our lives better. Does that mean all of us will be filthy rich like some? Maybe, maybe not. But it does mean that you and I have the ability to make our own lives better in ways that are meaningful to us. And perhaps in so doing, those discoveries are adopted by others to better their own lives.

These innovations need not be scientific or technical as you and I may not have the skill set to support these types of discoveries. These can be methods and processes that affect our everyday lives at work and home. What is something that you do, that if you made a slight change would improve your life? That’s innovation in simplistic terms. And, if you learn how to innovate, your work and home could be better than it is now and you get to own the “patent” for it. That is what an everyday innovator is !

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